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RIP Flash

This topic has been blogged about lots and lots but I thought I would mix a little university background in there. It is now (and has been for sometime) possible to completely ignore flash and instead use native web browser technologies. … Continue reading

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Vodafone and Telecom Twitter Relationship

Vodafone and Telecom had some entertaining tweets between them today. They were talking about the following picture taken of the Vodafone office in Auckland. View Telecom and Vodafone offices in a larger map The tweets: Edit: More tweets It is … Continue reading

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Network Bandwidth Visualisation for Graphs

Part of my honours project consists of visualising network bandwidth utilisation on a node/edge graph. Basic information visualisation techniques can be used to make simple, effective and communicative network edge graphics. Current network packages that produce such graphs, from what … Continue reading

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Google 2 Step Password Verification – Get It!

I just discovered an awesome feature by google for their account login process. What is 2 Step Verification? Google’s 2 Step Verification secures your account by requiring you to enter in an additional, randomly generated code which is sent via a txt … Continue reading

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