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To be awarded my degree with honours I have to complete an honours project which is worth the majority of my years work. The way it works is, lecturers write blurbs about projects that they would like to supervise and then the students browse through and pick the one that they like.

I have settled upon a project titled “Improved Network Map Display”. It is going to involve research around the area of network topology data consolidation and visualisation.

I have had a (short) look around the web and as far as I can tell, there has not been anything like this done in its entirety. Visualisations exist (most of which are static) that allow certain individual levels of network topology to be visualised. The purpose of this project is to improve upon these levels and to allow for seamless transitions between them as you zoom in and out. This will require interviews with various different network engineers and users, and also a well thought out topology schema that will fit the purpose of complete consolidation.

Here is the ‘Karen’ weathermap that shows the data traffic flows over the network. See the live version:

This is a good example of how an autonomous system view might look.

The ability to zoom in here, assumes that the autonomous systems are willing to share network topology information, which I don’t think is a realistic assumption to make.

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