New Zealand Parliamentary Streaming Site Hacked


The New ZealandĀ parliamentĀ TV on demand website was hacked over the weekend. At 8am this morning this is what the website looked like:

When I saw this, it reminded me of the time where a clients website I managed running oscommerce got hacked. A similar although different author claimed the credit. I actually kept a copy of it.

Kind of scary when the database is full of credit card numbers! There is only so much you can do though when you are using a PHP based content management system. Here is a handful of things that you can do if you are using an open source community based application.

  1. Sign up to the mailing list to hear about issues fast
  2. Run updates and apply patches as soon as possible
  3. Ensure that you have set up permissions on your scripts and directories correctly
  4. Password protect the admin directory (and rename it if possible)
  5. Use file monitoring scripts to detect hacker activity (see,4441)

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