Vodafone and Telecom Twitter Relationship

Vodafone and Telecom had some entertaining tweets between them today.

They were talking about the following picture taken of the Vodafone office in Auckland.

looks chilly over there. any body home @vodafonenz or did you... on Twitpic

View Telecom and Vodafone offices in a larger map

The tweets:

Telecom Tweet to Vodafone 1

Vodafone Tweet to Telecom 1

Telecom to Vodafone Tweet 2

Edit: More tweets

Vodafone to Telecom Tweet 3

Telecom to Vodafone Tweet 3

Telecom to Vodafone Tweet 4

Vodafone to Telecom Tweet 4

Vodafone to Telecom tweet 5

It is good to see a friendly relationship between the two telecommunication rivals.

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