Vodafone and Telecom Twitter Relationship

Vodafone and Telecom had some entertaining tweets between them today.

They were talking about the following picture taken of the Vodafone office in Auckland.

looks chilly over there. any body home @vodafonenz or did you... on Twitpic

View Telecom and Vodafone offices in a larger map

The tweets:

Telecom Tweet to Vodafone 1

Vodafone Tweet to Telecom 1

Telecom to Vodafone Tweet 2

Edit: More tweets

Vodafone to Telecom Tweet 3

Telecom to Vodafone Tweet 3

Telecom to Vodafone Tweet 4

Vodafone to Telecom Tweet 4

Vodafone to Telecom tweet 5

It is good to see a friendly relationship between the two telecommunication rivals.

ADSL Cap Delay

Up until a few months ago, we only had 20GB bandwidth per month at my flat. This meant that we could not make heavy use of the internet during the duration of the month.

We are on a plan that caps the internet speed down 64kbit/s when you exceed the monthly limit. However there seems to be an approximately 24 hour delay between going over the bandwidth limit, and getting capped.

Lets do a little math.

  • time = 24 hours = 24 x 60 x 60 seconds
  • internet speed = 800 kb/s

24 x 60 x 60 x 800 = 69120000 kb = 65.9GB

Thats right, I can potentially more than tripple my bandwidth allowance by saving up all the large downloads until the last day of the billing month.

I tested out this theory a couple months ago and managed to download 36GB in one day. The only reason this stopped was because I ran out of things to download and I was not at home at the time 🙂

ADSL usage screenshot