Trademe & Christchurch Wordle

I wanted to give the trademe API a go. With the recent Christchurch earthquake happening, I thought – why not make a wordle of the the Christchurch related title words?

I was rather impressed with the simplicty of using the API as a guest. You are limited to 50 requests per IP address, per hour. This was enough for me as I only searched through 40 pages to extract title key words.

Setting up an application looked a lot less straight forward, but would be required to dramatically increase this limit.

Here is the code I used to print out all of the titles to the browser (php happened to be most available at the time):

List as $auction) {
    echo $auction->Title . " ";

Then is was simply a matter of copying and pasting the output into wordle’s create page. I removed christchurch from the word list so that it did not blow the word cloud out of proportions.

Here it is.

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